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Buy cables online from PCS Cables & Connectors Ltd

If you are looking to buy cables online, then PCS Cables & Connectors Ltd is the place to look. We are specialist cable and component suppliers, working with a number of different sectors including the automotive and marine industries. In addition to our custom electrical solution, we also offer a wide range of cables and components directly for sale through our website. Our company is based in Wimborne, but we can deliver anywhere across the UK. For orders to the mainland UK over £100, we provide a free delivery service.

International orders cannot be placed online. If you are an international customer and wish to make an order, please get in touch with our team.

Place your order today

If you are looking to buy cables online or need some new components, then you can order everything you need from one place. If you are looking for a bespoke solution, just get in touch with the experienced team at PCS Cables & Connectors Ltd in Wimborne at:

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