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VTE 7753N7N14


High amperage, heavy duty terminal busbar from VTE with a maximum current rating of 700A. This busbar is suitable for connecting heavy gauge cables and distributing power to very high current circuits such as marine bow thrusters, heavy duty winches and similar equipment. Also recommended for use in agricultural and commercial applications.

Notes: High amperage busbar well suited to distributing power leads to marine bow thruster and similar applications.

Highly cost effective solution for High Amperage Connections
Conductor Plate Material : Nickel plated brass
Base Material : Glass-filled nylon
Max Voltage: 48 vdc
Max Amperage: 700 amps @ 12 vdc
Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
Lock Washer Material : Stainless Steel
Flat Washer Material : Stainless Steel
To comply with industry standards, an optional insulator protects terminal connections from accidental shorts. To ensure complete protection, terminal sleeves should be fitted with shrink-wrap

VTE 7753N7V14 3 Point High Amp Terminal Busbar 700A -Black

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